[Budget] New GPU

I'm selling my 9800gt to a friend who recently built a rig, and decided to help him out by upgrading mine and giving him my current one.

I'm looking for the best bang for my buck for around $150-$170-
I have currently looked at the Radeon 5770 1GB DDR5 card, and thought it looked like a pretty good deal, but anyways I'm deciding to ask you guys what you believe I should get.

I'm currently running
Nvidia 750i SLI FTW Mobo
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
4gb RAM
630w PSU

I also have 2 displays, main is a 24 inch, second is a 20 inch, thanks!
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  1. you're pretty much spot on with the 5770
  2. I'm sort of worried though, since i am using an intel chipset, I have been reading about a ton of display driver issues when paring a 5770 with an intel chipset...weird.
  3. Hit the nail on the head you did. But i d recommend to spend a few more bucks and get the Sapphire Vapor-X 5770. That will provide you with better cooling and further overclocking options

    P.S Do you live in the US?

  4. Yes I do live in the US
  5. That is the exact card I've been looking at! Guess I really don't need too much help, I just hope the display drivers dont act up on me, seeing as a lot of people have had issues with intel chipsets with this card
  6. there's always the 4850. the tech isn't as pretty as the 5770's, but the performance is hardly a notch below it and they're about 50 dollars cheaper. but yeah, nobody really likes buying already outdated components when new hardware becomes outdated quickly enough as it is
  7. then you are lucky. Newegg does not ship to my country. know that? You are lucky folks
  8. 4850 or the 4870
  9. 4870 performs equal to the 5770
    4850 performs equal to the 5750

    4850 for resolutions such as 1280x1024
    4870 for resolutions such as 1920x1080 or 1680x1050
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