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Hard disk security descriptors definitions/uses/

January 27, 2013 2:39:30 AM

I am looking to find out what hard disk security descriptors are, are they SID numbers related to users?? and if so how are they configured, what is their purpose, and, and, and, what ever you can tell me in a laymans terms...... My PC is originally a Dell Dimension 3100 Windows XP SP3,; Windows Vista and then SP1 and SP2 eventually installed...... All 32 bit...... My system has 2 hard drives although only one is installed currently (148G/2G Ram); this system also has the ability to use 64 bit components.....

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit........ I have nothing but ongoing problems...... After formatting the hard drive and doing a clean installation, and activating Win7, it eventually reverts to the original settings of the System 32bit Windows....... I understand that 64bit still will use 32 bit components, but everything changes from my own personal network settings, share folders, and I cannot access the network information at all, and it seems that there is a virtual copy of everything on this computer going to a "local host" email/remote computer??? this pc was owned by a family of 4; this desktop pc, 2 laptops, and 4 mobile phones/bluetooth/printers.......... 2 adults and 2 children; including parental settings, and all kinds of good stuff........... I find that some of the devices from when they had this and some of the system 32 folders/apps/settings seem to interfere with what I want for my Win 7 64 bit OS......... once when I attempted to change the SID(?) when formatting and repartioning this drive, it reset itself to the original SID(?) and configuration settings ......... can you please explain to me (a frustrated layman) what the heck????? And if by any chance the settings are being used by the other pc in this house, configured solely by the other person here without my knowledge, could you tell me how to reconfigure this pc for me, my settings, my security configuration and privacy.????? A lot to ask I know, but am at my wit's end.......