Is my motherboard eating my hard drives???

hi i have a aopen mx4-533v board running a p4 2.6 gig prosseser seems to work fine except i seems to be eating hard drives iv been through 2 in the last 3 mouths one 160 gig western digital and one another 160gig with the same problem they just die and start beeping and i do mean the hard drives are beeping not the board and no longer even register on the bios or start up screen any clues if its the board killing them ?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    If your HDDs are indeed failing vs corrupted then my initial thought is dirty power from your PSU. Clearly, if you can reformat that HDD and it can be reused then that suggests a faulty OS/MOBO to create the corruptions.
  2. hi yes they are failing so it says nicely after the 10 minite wait for the memory test and the listing of compomants e.g dvd rewriter and not the hard drive cos it says its not there as it beeps away 3 times to its self just like one i replaced a mouth ago the PSU is new i thought it was it after the first hard drive myself so i think thats ok and no cant reformat tryed it in my spare tower and it rufuses to recognise it aswell i thought maybe the motherboard its self might be causing the problem as 2 hard drives in a month is a little strange and the only thing new for the tower is the board
  3. The MOBO would have to be severely corrupted and bad to permanently damage a HDD via its controller.

    I would recommend that you run a diagnostic and attempt a FULL Format on the other computer. On the WD HDD create a bootable CD with Lifeguard to test the HDD, and if possibe use a FULL FORMATTING App
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