Replacement PSU for Antec Sonata

I may need to replace the power supply in my Antec Sonata. The unit has been inactive for over 2 years. I just set it back up and it will not turn on. Is it likely the power supply is bad? How can I be sure?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Connect it and if u have a multimeter use it for test the PSU. What power do u need? 400W, 500W 600W.
  2. I would like to higher than the 380 watts I have now. The Sonata case is great, and I'm thinking I will turn it into a server.
  3. This Corsair 450W is a very solid PSU.
  4. My current power supply has only one fan that vents out the back of the case. The Corsair photo shows a large fan on top? Or does it mount with that fan pointed down?
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    You can even install a CORSAIR CX400. It's much better than yours (TRUE380S). It won't have any problem at all to handle your system. It's a quality PSU. Anyway, if the money is not a problem for you, the VX450 is a bit better PSU, but for your system I recommend you to go for the CX400.
    Install it with the fan pointed down. There is no problem at all.
  6. Mounting it fan-down was the only option that made sense. Thanks!
  7. Yes, I have two Sonata. It's a great case. As I have said before, you won't have any problem with the fan. Don't worry.
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