Low-Mid Budget Gaming PC this summer

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  1. I wouldn't get a refurb OCZ PSU, besides 600W is overkill, 400W or 500W should be more than enough.
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  3. don't u guys think the sound card is bit of an overkill for the 2.1 audio system ??
  4. I have the Xonar DX on this. Microlab are made in China (by the Dutch sound engineer Peter Larsen) - great speakers for the money. Another good budget brand is Edifier (also China). I mean for music not gaming. Too bad they don't sell them everywhere.
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  6. Xonar D1 (on PCI) or DX (the same on PCIe) are much better. But you can leave the soundcard for later, get a good PSU and case. Also you can do better on those speakers if it's for music. If you get a full HD monitor better 23" not 22".
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  8. In your budget range one could definitely land Full HD +HD 5850 + Native SATA/USB 3.0 mobo! $925 AR - leave the speakers selection to you :P
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  10. You are welcomed ^^
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