Serious Problem with xfx 8800gt 512mb alpha dog edition


I have problem with my 8800 gt graphics card.

My system works fine all the time.
But When i start any latest games after 20-30 mins i will get a blank screen and system hangs up.
I should restart the system as no other option works. at this point when i touch my card its too hot than normal(not sure how to check temperatures)

after restarting everything works fine(resolution, less graphic intense games.... everything).

xfx 630i mobo
xfx8800gt 512 mb alpha dog edition, driver: i have tried updating with latest nvidia drivers and it neither showed error or updated version
seagate 250 gb sats HD
windows 7 ultimate 7600
4gb ddr2 ram

facing problem with games: BF2, Assassins creed 2, justcase 2

Please suggest...............

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  1. Use GPU-Z from Techpowerup, it's free and a small utility to check the temps or then use real temp. give me a reading.
    I have a feeling that the temps cross a very high level, also try and change the fan speed of the card through the Nvidia control panel.
    See that you system is clean and the inlets of fresh air are not clogged. Also check for dust and fibres on the card(Video).
    What is your PSU rating??
  2. these are the readings from GPU-Z

    GPU Core clock-601.7 mhz
    GPU memory clock-900.mhzGPU Shader clock-1512mhz
  3. WOW!!! That is hot..... not the babe type hot but the indian summer kind of hot............

    92C is way off.... it should be <75
    and the PCb certainly shouldn't be anything more than 45

    Whats the fan speed there in the GPU-Z?
    these temps readings without the gaming thing...... on Idle load?
  4. 92c, thats pretty hot. Have you tried cleaning the card? Get rid of the dust built up in the heatsink.
  5. i have cleaned the dust.. i have let the system switched of for 1 hr and then started imediately temperature is shown as 80c and pcb @ 60c...
    is there any thing else i can do like extra/big fan ..
  6. Reseat the VGA heatsink/clean off old thermal paste and apply some decent thermal paste (like MX-2 or Arctic Silver 5)

    Manualy increase the fan speed. Do some cable management and clean your case.
  7. Remove the Video card........ and then do everything.
    If you have a blower, I'd suggest, using some non conductive pencil like material/object to stop the fans from spinning while you blow the dust and grit out of the machine and the cards.
    And if you have the time and the patience than get the whole rig dismantled, clean it up well, do the needful with the thermal pastes and heat sinks.
    And check all the vents in the Cabinet, make sure all fans are dust free and working.
    There is no other reason for a system to heat up so much unless you're stuck in the Sahara at 12 noon........
    By the way, where are you geographically located?
  8. thanks all for the suggestions... ill do all the cleaning stuff and let you guys know... by the way i am from Hyderabad-AP
  9. Well, that solves a lot of questions, I'm in the same country and thus I know what you're going thru, it's not just the dust and the hardware but it's also our standard room temperatures that cause this type of heating.
    My rig is placed in the window........ can you believe that?????
    Will post a pic sometime........
  10. i got the same prop..the temp is just fine 60-65 on load, but after installing the latest driver , nvidia control panel doesn't appear, when i start any game it starts blinking some green red stuff .. may close the game or hangs the going for customer support..
  11. Hey if you install the 256 nvidia drivers it should fix it on most games
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