ATI Radeon 4870 512mb - Assassin's creed 2

I own a Radeon 4870 512mb, and my other PC specs are intel core 2 quad q9550 2.83ghz, with 4gb memory.
When I run Assassin's creed 2 on 1680x1050 and on max settings I seem to be getting really low fps and stuttery gameplay , like 30-40 at town, and it seems like people with cards that are older get better fps.
anyone's got a suggestion? :/
much appreciated
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  1. After quickly browsing the game's forums, I'd say there are a lot of issues with the PC version, with slow performance and lock-ups being the most frequent complaints.

    This thread in the forum seems to be the primary one for these issues within the PC version. I suggest seeking help there if your hardware seems to function perfectly well in other titles.
  2. like razer stated, its a game issue not a hardware issue

    several people have posted issues about the game on this forum and the UBIsoft tech forum would be your best bet for help.
  3. it depends if you have gotten the game legaly or not
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