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Dropped a cpu

while i was building my first computer today, when picking up the cpu to put into the motherboard, i dropped it, on the bottom, it is an intel core i3 530. after assembling the rest of the computer, i tried to boot it, the bios boots correctly, and as i am using an old hard drive from my previous computer, i tried to boot windows, and after getting half way through the little loading screen, i got a blue screen telling me that there was an error and windows had shut down to protect my computer. I do not have the discs from xp but am currently waiting for the delivery of windows 7 that my sister who works in IT got me for free. Did i *** up or could it be something else like the older hard drive?
my specs
Intel Core i3 530
Intel Media Series ATX Motherboard BOXDH55HC
corsair 400w psu
Corsair XMS3 4 GB PC3-12800 1600Mhz Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160gb hdd
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  1. You can use the hard drives from your old computer, but you need to format them first and do a clean install.

    Any data you want to keep, back it up to another drive

    An alterative would be, if there is enough free space, make a new partition on the drive and do a clean install there

    It WILL NOT boot via your PREVIOUSLY CREATED PARTITION AND PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED OS... that's probably what the blue screen says..

    The reason for this being different drivers are loaded because it's expecting your old hardware - processor, etc. - from your old pc

    Sorry if i just misread and you already did installed :P
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    There's no problem with the CPU. You probably wouldn't have gotten through the motherboard's Power On Self Test if the CPU was damaged.

    The Windows XP on the old hard disk drive has device drivers that were installed to support the motherboard's chipset and graphics card for your previous computer.

    Since you haven't updated the device drivers in Windows XP to support the new chipset on the new motherboard Windows XP doesn't know what to do so there's your expected Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

    You could try booting into Safe Mode but you will probably run into the same problem.
  3. Shutting down to protect your computer may indicate an overheating issue... Your system boots, so I assume your processor is recognized by the BIOS, meaning it should work fine, but the heatsink may be attached in a wrong way?

    Edit: what Ko888 says makes a lot of sense :)
  4. thanks people, i thought that it was just the drivers and stuff, but i was still really worried this being my first build and all, i'm going to be doing a clean install of 7. so i should be fine
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  6. Yes I 100% agree with K0888
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