Motherboard confusing

motherboard confusing me :pt1cable:
i'm going to buy a phenom 2 x4 965 processor

MSI 785G- E53

and i'm going to use a gt 240 ddr5 card on them
for both mobo cost seems like same to me
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  1. Get the Gigabyte. If you want help with the rest of your components (for instance I hope you're not buying that 240 new?) then you should fill out the build advice form in my signature.
  2. i already have gt 240
  3. why should i buy full atx mobo ?? is there any difference ? 770 usb3 and 785 usb3 :bounce:
  4. then whats the difference in 770 chip set or 785 chip set ?
  5. Not much besides the 785G having an onboard graphics chip.
  6. actually i can buy it i didn't have any problem of money
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  8. what about GA-770TA-UD3
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