Good HDD for my mobo.

Hi, i am looking for some HDD that will 100% work with my motherboard -
Gigabyte G41MT-D3V. I tried my old samsung 160gb SATA 3gbs and BIOS cant reconize it so i guess i need to buy SATA 2 or something new i just dont know which could work. My mobo supports up to 6gbps and has only SATA 2 slots for HDD. I also need a new dvd rom. I need SATA DVD rom but i dont know where do i connect it on my mobo. Do i need to use same SATA cable like the one for HDD and connect it to the same connector?

Thanks for help.
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  1. SATA optical drives use the same connectors as hard disk drives.

    SATA 3Gbps is SATA 2. Your motherboard does not support SATA 6Gbps (SATA 3) according to Gigabyte.

    Any SATA 2 drive should work with your motherboard if it isn't faulty.
  2. Okay, but i am wondering why are SATA 2 HDDS more expensive than SATA3? Also when ill be choosing optical drives is there any difference like SATA2 or SATA3 or its just SATA which works on every motherboard? Anyways i have SATA 3gbps HDD which should be SATA 2 , however my mobo cant reconize it .
  3. The answer is simply about supply - less new SATA 2 drives are manufactured than SATA 3 so anyone wanting older technology will buy it at a premium. It's the same reason why DDR2 RAM can cost more than DDR3.

    Optical drives will work on any SATA port.

    By any chance were you using an IDE drive before you tried the SATA samsung drive? There could be something in your BIOS that means that SATA is disabled or isn't in the correct mode.
  4. In bios i can just set IDE slave and ide master to none/automatic/manual
  5. Have you tried connecting the hard drive to another motherboard to see if it's the drive at fault?
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