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I have just formatted my pc in accident a couple days ago and was trying to install all my programs back. I was trying to play this online game, but it required a graphic card to be installed on the computer ( I have had my graphic card inside the computer BEFORE i formatted my pc, but i guess the game required me to install the graphic card program again. I first shut own the pc, opened the lid case of my computer, and was searching for the graphic card. When i found the graphic card, with all my might, ( was kind of stuck to the slot) i pulled out the graphic card and inserted it back in...but when i tried to turn my pc on, the fan and the lights( lights that indicate that the pc is ON.) would turn on just for like .5 seconds, and wouldnt start up... I am wondering if i have accidently killed(?) my power supply by roughly opening the lide case? could that happen? are there any more specific things i must say to help u guys understand to solve this situation?
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  1. Many newer video cards require a special 6 pin connector from the power supply. If your power supply doesn't have it, chances are it's too old or weak to run your card. Please list your power supply brand, wattage, 12v rail amp ratings, and video card make/model number for better advice.
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