PCI-E slot giving artifacts?

I think I have a junk of computer that is giving me a headache:

Long story short:

I have two computers:

Abit FP-IN9 SLI with E4600, 4GB micron D9 ram, Corsair VX450, and two 7600GT SLI'ed.

Abit ix38 quadgt, E8500, 4GB OCZ fatal1ty, Muskin 650W psu, and sapphire HD4890.

And the problems begins:
The HD4890 run in that configuration ran ok for two days then it gave artifacts in windows and right after even in bios/post screen. (the VGA card is running at 71degrees Celsius max in furmark, so it's not an overheat problem, and i hadn't OC the vga at all)
In the next morning was still giving artifacts right from the start (I mean graphic artifacts not ascii, like red checkerboard). After half an hour without touching anything inside the computer it ran perfectly again.. for 10minutes then it started artifacting.. and the cirque began:

I thought the VGA card is toast, but I runs flawlessly in my second computer (the fatal1ty with e4600 and vx450 psu). And I started thinking the abit ix38 motherboard has a problem.
I've put an 8400gs vga (a junk, I know) on the ix38 quadgt and it runs flawlessly also. (so is 7600GT from the other computer into this one)

So the VGA card (4890) is perfectly fine, and so is the motherboard? then WTF are the artifacts doing?? :ouch:

I've put back the 4890 back onto ix38 qudgt and it artifacted right form the start, a quick restart and then it worked really good without problem for the rest of the day.. weird. the next day was artifacting again in window, bios, etc. I've done an update of bios of the motherboard, popped in the 4890 and it ran really goot and i sayd to myself "good job". Two days later (today): artifacts during a game, then in post screen after restart. Got all mad and popped the 4890 into the second PCI-E 16X slot and artifacted right away. I put the 4890 into the third (middle) pci-e slot (4x) and ran perfect from 8:00 to 15:00 when I left. I returned at 22:00 and after 10min it was artifacting in windows then in bios, (in the middle slot 4x).
I've done a quick restart and works ok in this moment (in the 4x slot).. still

I have tested the ram with memtest - 0 errors , (and in the meantime I've upgraded the ram from kingmax value 800 to ocz1066

I've reset cmos countless times, I've updated bos, I've updadted drivers, I've tested different ram, I've tested different psu (vx450 runs ok with this board, so as the mushkin 650W), even different operating systems (vista, winXP, knoppix)..

WTF? the VGA board is fine on any other MB, and other VGA cards* work with the ix38 quadgt

*ideea: the MB could still be the problem, but i don't know: the other vga card i've test are really entry level, low tech crap like 8400gs or 7600gt, maybe on high transfer rates on more performance VGA cards the MB have problem, but the protocol is the same as far as I know...

the next thing to do would be to lit it on fire and throw it to the end of the universe.. I had enough of it, but before losing my mind.. does anyone have any thoughtful hints I can follow? (i hadn't update the bios of the vga card.. yet, maybe it helps)

Edit: and I have to add a crucial detail.. the MB has it's problems like it's not showing the temperature of the CPU (it's 34 degrees Celsius at any time, fixed to 34, after 1h of orthos.. 34degrees, in bios also 34 degrees, in any software.. 34degrees) - this is probably due to a broken pin in the lga which I know of, but runs ok, stable, even with OC (4GHz) the performance is there in all tests, no problems from that.. I could repair that LGA775 socket but it's really a big fuss to do that with little success rate
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Sounds like a bad Motherboard. If the card can preform without artifacts/jerking, then it may be the MB.
  2. Thanks for the greeting!

    "Bad MB" as in...? I've checked the capacitors and looks ok.

    Today I've switched the vga cards between the computers (abit ix38 with one 7600gt, and 4890 on the abit fatal1ty fp-in9) - works perfect both computers but it's not how I wanted..
    I want the more powerful vga (4890) with the more powerful cpu (e8500), more powerful ram (1066MHz which are not supported by the fatal1ty MB), and it's not working the way I want.
  3. What I mean by the MB, is I mean that there is either s malfunction inside the unit somehow,( aka replace mobo,) or there is a firmware problem. Have you flashed the trouble MB's BIOS?
  4. PNP - plug and play, which is more PLUG AND PRAY

    if you got a damaged socket what other damage do you have on the boards?

    being older equipement also, and from ABit (good in the day, now a nothing name) - its not un-expected

    dual cores also note for a high end rig are dead - perhaps time for a new rig
  5. @dogman - I updated the bios, same problem.

    @apache - The question is: A broken pin in the lga socket can give video artifacts? (it's only one pin, and because of it I don't see the temperature of the CPU, can it have other side-effects?)
    As far as the upgrade.. I don't play games, I just need something for CAD/CAE programs. And to be honest this is the upgrade (from the older rig E4300 and 2x7600GT)
    I'd like an i7 but still I have other things to spend my money on, so that have to wait, and I found this e8500 with ix38 MB at a cheap price, and the videocard also was cheap and would of been a big upgrade from previous rig.. if it worked. (and it did for like 2days)


    I found the problem: The video card (4890)!
    Today it started artifacting on my other computer (E4600, abit fatal1ty fp-in9).
    I'm already "heating up the oven" (I' just do a reflow soldering of memory and gpu with proper tools - IR soldering station.. not mine, a friend of mine) Hope it works.
  6. Sorry to bring this thread up, but strangely enough i have the EXACT same problem than you!

    Of course with different pc configurations, but with a HD4870 artifacting on my most "powerful pc" . And if i switch the HD4870 with a HD3850 of my other PC, both PC run fine.

    Everything you said about artifacts, and restarting the pc, and randomness happens here too.

    I have switched both cards yesterday "permanently" to see which pc will fail first, since both appears to be running fine with this config (the HD3850 on my powerful pc and the HD4870 on the other)

    I just want to know, have you done any test to "force" any of the pcs to fail? You´ve fixed your card, or bought new one, and this fixed the artifacts problems permanently?? I guess your answers may help me, since - from what i have found - your case is the closest to mine

    my pc: Biostar TP55, i5 750, 4gb Kingston, 850W Antec CP850, HIS HD4870
    the other: Gigabyte P35-DS3, E8500, 4gb Geil , 520W Corsair 520HX, HD3850
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