Crosshair 3 formula with amd hex core?

I have an asus crosshair 3 formula mobo and I'm interested in the new amd hex cores, also will I need to flash bios? and how do I flash bios? and finally will there be a significant performance increase over my amd965@3.8ghz? thanks
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    yes the asus crosshair 3 formula mobo is compatable with all amd hex cores thus far without the need to flash bios.

    as for the increase the toms cpu hiarchy puts it at a single tier upgrade but it'll probably help for future use with programs being optimised for multicore use. plus mos tthe hex cores have been overclocking pretty well,2675-7.html
  2. Personally, I don't think it would be worth it. By the time the extra cores are worth it, you will be wanting to upgrade to bulldozer instead.

    There are exceptions of course. Certain programs or uses that would definitely take advantage of 6 cores, like video encoding. What do you do with your computer?
  3. Mostly gaming, web browsing,microsoft office etc..........
  4. jijoslin said:
    Mostly gaming, web browsing,microsoft office etc..........

    Except for gaming, I would suggest and Athlon IIx3 at most. But you need to tell me what games? What resolution? What settings? What FPS are you looking for? What video card do you have?

    Information about bios flashing will be on the motherboard manufacturer's website under your model.

    For most gaming, you will not see any difference at all from your current CPU. If you overclock, in a best case scenario, you are looking at a quad core 3.8GHz vs a 6-core 4.0GHz. Which I can't imagine making any noticeable difference unless you have 3 5870s in crossfire.
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