Led lcd monitor worth it ?

I was looking at some led lcd monitors and although the contrast ratio is insane some of the reviews say these monitors are not worth it. I am using this monitor for really only gaming,does any 1 have one or saw one and how did they like it. Do you recommend it? Thanks in advance
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  1. well, the LED tv's ive seen look amazing :ouch:
    but they are hella expensive :cry:
    if you can afford it, go for it :sol:
    I have an hp lcd, 24" 1920*1200 and a 42" plasma.
    I'll take the lcd any day over the plasma for gaming :love: (specially a 240hz!!!)
  2. I choose to wait untill the LED monitors or TVs are cheaper.
    At this point it is simply too expensive.
    I use a 19" 1680x1050 5ms ASUS monitor for my PC and Sony KDL37EX500 for my laptop to watch movies.
  3. Given the choice between an LED monitor or a bigger LCD monitor for the same price it will be the LCD everytime for me. Size matters, and the quality between LED and LCD is not different enough for me to pay for smaller
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