Cant ginto bios,plz help

So everytime i turn my pc on,it will roar(all fans really loud) for like 10 seconds and the screen stays dead and as soon as it stops roaring my login screen for windows shows up,i cant even get it to show me to enter set up or bios screen,why is this? i have b4,while its roaring il start hitting f5 to enter set up but if i do then the screen stays dead and wont go to the windows log in screen and my pc will keep on roaring until i turn it off
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  1. Wow, nice startup time.

    A flaming guess, from your description that hitting F5 keeps the roar going. Do you have connections for two monitors, and only one monitor? Might the BIOS screens be trying to display on the other monitor?
  2. The only reason that comes to mind is that the logo screen is disabled. Although the screen is disabled, you still have a small window to press the corresponding key to enter BIOS. Typically, this button is F2 or Delete. Turn on your computer, or restart if you're using it to read this post. Then immediately and repeatedly press both the F2 and Delete keys. This should get you into your BIOS. Once in your BIOS, find the option to enable the splash (logo) screen.
  3. Are you using a Television with no native vga support?
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