Whaddaya think about this build?

I can get all of this at NewEgg. It ain't cheap though, it's running close to 3 grand. Luckily, they have a 12 month no interest card that would take the bite out of this! Anyways, already have good monitor, speakers, and hard drive storage, so I need everything else.

CPU: Intel Core i7-930
MB: Asus P6X58D Premium
RAM: Corsair Dominator-GT (3x2GB) DDR3 2000
Case: Coolermaster HAF 932 Blue
PS: Coolermaster UCP RS900W
Video: HIS Radeon HD5970 2gb
HD: Intel X-25-M SSD 160GB
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster 120mm Rifle
BlueRay Burner: LG Black 10x
Mouse: Logitech MX518
Thermal: Artic Silver 5
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate OEM

Yes, about 3 grand before sales tax. So before I hit the buy now button, please take aim and shoot some holes in this and recommend something else if you see fit. Thanks. Yes, I am open to saving some money.
One question pops to mind right now, say I want to crossfire another 5970 later down the road, will this 900w power supply be sufficient?
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  1. You want the latest revision of that mobo ... Add a "-E" (Dash Eee) to that model#.

    Great thermal paste comes with all CoolerMaster Coolers ... I'd get the Hyper 212+
    ... or, this (since cost is no object) ... BECAUSE OF THE GREAT RAM !!!


    But if you want to buy some even better thermal paste ... Get Arctic MX-2

    Wait 'till next year for that BR burner ... after xmas they'll be under $50 and it will only take 5 minutes to install ... also not much/any good sw to support it, yet.

    You may want to get Tecmo (GI-Joe) or gKay (Brain) to validate that PSU.

    = Alvin =
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