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At the moment I have 2 17" Monitors and I was thinking of selling them and changing to a single 24" monitor.

What would you guys recommend? Programs such as photoshop, dreamweaver and flash pro have no dual screen support and are awkward to run with a bevel between the two screens.

What do you use and what what you do?

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  1. I run a 21.5" and a 19", i do some web design work and i have found that the second screen can help out quite a bit, rather than try to spread the application across both windows i will put photoshop on one and have dreamweaver and firefox share the other. Its actually rather nice, though 17s might be a bit too small.

    The 24" will give you slightly less screen space overall, so if you have the desk space you could considering using a 17" with the 24, gives you a bit more room to spread stuff out and less minimizing and switching between windows which i have found to be quite nice.
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