Lost packets and reliability problems

I have difficulty downloading large flies.

once i have downloaded a large file e.g 4gb (10 400mb rar parts) a number of the files will be corrupted.

I have used command prompt to test my ping connection and my packet loss is quite low over a long period but i feel i am only seeing half the picture.

I would like to check the wiring in my house but need a program to establish what is going on at various telephone sockets around the house, i have a feeling i might need to do some re-wiring.

can someone suggest a program or method of detecting lost packets or the quality of a connection please as this is really ******* up my PC, (windows updates arrive corrupted, i cannot download steam games etc..)

I have a netgear router and that is functioning fine i believe but shall test with a belkin later this week.
Cheers in advance.
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  1. Are you sure the files aren't already corrupted? If it's files of your own or from someone you trust, that's one thing. But if you're grabbing file from others, e.g., video content via torrents, it's next to impossible to tell if it's you or the file. Heck, it might even be dummy files from the MPAA meant to frustrate ppl just like yourself.

    If possible, try downloading some files you KNOW are good, maybe from a friend, before committing to all this effort regarding your network. It might be perfectly fine.
  2. i would suspect some foul play if i was getting the files from torrents but i dont use torrents.

    this is all through valve, maps will corrupt when downloading and then i wont be able to play games online becuase my maps check sum is different to the one everyone is playing.

    any ideas of how to test this?
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