I7 860 or i7 920?

i7 860 or i7 920?

i dont overclock , so which is a better choice?
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  1. you should be able to get a 920 cheap now, the 860 is better in terms of raw power, but i doubt many folks will be willing to sell cheap
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The i7-920 is a little old the i7-930 is better. At stock speed the i7-860 is better clock-per-clock that the i7-920 but the problem is that the i7-860 is a little expensive and only can run dual channel while the i7-920 can run tri channel.

    Since u don't want OC I would got with a i7-860.
  3. tnx guys , , , im gonna get the 860 >
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