No display issue

When I put my motherboard P4M800P7MB-RS2H with all components on the motherboard into the new Thermaltake V9 case i brought and attach Front Panel Connecters into right slots, when i power the system up there is no display? :pfff:

Please help

Intel Celeron D @ 3.20Ghz
550W PSU
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  1. Read through this thread... It'll give you ideas to troubleshoot.
    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!
  2. Looked at guide, very nice. My CPU and RAM were plugged in before I put into the case. I removed I/O Plate from my old case inserted into new one and put mobo in, then I connected the front panel connectors accordingly. Lastly I plugged in PSU, Molex fans and HD.

    My thermaltake v9 case has like 4/6 built in standoffs.

    Different people keep telling me that the motherboard I have is not taking the new BIOS and that the Front Panel Connectors are too new? Please could you shed some light?
  3. No display issues are not front panel related. How are you upgrading BIOS w/o seeing anything?

    You also skipped a ton of steps in the linked thread.
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