Getting new cpu, is this okay?

sup guys i had been researching because i want to upgrade practically all my computer, haha. first i was looking at intel CPU prices, but they are too expensive for me. my maximum budget is like $300 i think.

i want to change mobo because, just to give u an idea, the maximum CPU supported is intel core 2 duo e7500 and i want a quad. i will change the case too

this is what i found, if u find something better at a better price plz tell me. And one more thing guys, i just shop at amazon there is were my dad buys everything, se he helps me with that.

this is what i found:




if you find anything better plz tell me guys, the main reason for this upgrade is for the CPU and that my computer is compaq.

any comment will be appreciated!!!
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  1. i forgot to say guys, i already have a corsair tx650w psu, and an hd 5850, and the 4 gigs of RAM that will go to this computer
  2. The Phenom II X4 955 is an excellent CPU. I have one overclocked to 3.8 GHz on air and it performs very well. (My graphics card is my bottleneck :( ). I have a similar mobo to that one as well, just with the 770 chipset. It's good, except the OC switch is useless. I was originally going to get the HAF 932 but it ended up out of my budget so I went with the NZXT LEXA S.
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    U have a good case, good CPU but not good mobo. I suggest to u that go with an AM3 mobo and DDR3.
  4. i told my budget is like $300 i cannot go to something more expensive, thats why im asking for some guidance. if you guys know a better deal, plz tell me.

    thx for anwers!!
  5. one more thing, i dont care about ddr3 RAM, i preffer on changing to a 64bits OS and adding more RAM
  6. Unfortunately this is the rig that i can build.

    1- Phenom II X4 955
    2- MSI 790X-G45
    3- Case + RAM

    $379.96 before shipping and tax.

    So, ur build is fine for me until u can get a better mobo.
  7. i think ill stay with my build, it has everything i need and i can put the CPU i wanted to in it, but Thx anyways guys!!!!! u always reply very fast!!!
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  9. Any time, that's why we are here. Enjoy ur rig ;)
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