Q9550 vs i7-930 vs i5-750 vs X4 965

Just for funsies I was wondering how that would go down.

Would the Q9550 beat the i5-750? By how much? Would be nice if soemone coudl show me a becnh comapring all of them?

Wondering how my new Q9550 build will go...
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  1. http://www.cpubenchmark.net/ rough benchmarks of all cpus, gpus and hdds. According to this the 750 is on par with the q9550 and the 930 is quite a bit ahead. And the amd 965 is on par with the 750 and q9550 but thats due to its stock high clock if you OC the intels will run circles around the amd.
  2. Cool.

    How is the 965 on par?

    I hough the i5-750 raped it.

    Thanks for the link.
  3. Stock clocked the 965 will outperform the stock clocked i5 by a rather large margin. In other apps they are pretty much equal. If you OC them however(because the i5 is VERY conservitavely clocked) the 750 will indeed rape the 965.
  4. Ok, Cool.

    So How would a Q9550 at 4.0 do against a stock i7-930?
  5. I don't realy know that since I haven't seen any benchmarks.
  6. Be cool is some1 linked em
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