Fresh os install on ssd, hdd isnt showing up

so i just finished building my computer and i instaled the os(win 7) on the ssd. everything went fine but the hdd isnt showing up, all that is showing is the local disk C:(which is the ssd). so what im asking is how to make my hdd show up, i want to use the hdd for the os and some other heavy programs and the hdd for everything else. do i need to do anything special?
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  1. When u installed w7 did u unplug the hdd? did u plug it back?

    Try to replug it see if it change, if it still not shown check at computer management/disk management.....
  2. You need go to control panel>administrative tool>computer management>disk management> click the HD and then format, (before you format the HD saving the file to other one), after format the HD, it will show up again.
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