MSI P43-C51 LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel for $50

My Motherboard pretty much gave out. But all my other components are ok.

Corsair 650W PSU
SeaGate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

What do you guys think of that MoBo as a replacement? Any recommendations? Why is it better? Tight budget here, too. Need to be conservative. Please explain your logic in detail. Thanks!

*Update: Great, that motherboard that was $50 hours ago is now $80.00...
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  1. If you aren't going to OC,then it's a good choice.
  2. You could even go with a G41 if your on the cheap.

    My experience with G41 is it overclocks quite well and has onboard gpu for backup video if you ever need it. That cpu definitely needs overclocking to at least 3.2ghz.

    cons? Only 2 mem slots and 1 ide connector and m-atx. But that shouldn't matter for your components.

    I would stay away from open box motherboards, your just asking for trouble. Besides that one is no longer available.
  3. I don't have any experience with over clocking, nor have I ever tried it
  4. That motherboard has two RAM slots -- and I have 2x1gb and 1x2gb, I need atleast 3 slots :/
  5. khubani said:
    That motherboard has two RAM slots -- and I have 2x1gb and 1x2gb, I need atleast 3 slots :/

    I already told you it has only 2 ram slots. It's apparent to me your really clueless about hardware considering your running your memory in single channel mode and not dual channel mode like your supposed to be.
  6. Well, I strongly urge you get off your high horse. This is a forum for users to receive help on issues as such, not a place where users are insulted for lack of knowledge in an area. I had already seen your post before replying to it. How am I supposed to know what I should be doing, if people like you come onto this forum and don't explain what's right from wrong? It's your option to be here and reply to these threads, if it irritates you so much to a point where you feel the need to point at my weakness in this area, then stop replying.

    More over, you've attempted to slap me in the face, how far has that gotten you today?
  7. High horse? LOL

    I tried to help you by getting you an inexpensive replacement board not of the "open box" variety.

    I also pointed out with your platform, your supposed to be running your ram in dual channel mode for best performance, YOUR NOT, your running in single channel mode. Sorry the truth bothers you so much.

    Your best bet would be go with the G41 and ditch some of the ram. With that setup as far as gaming goes the other 2gb isn't really doing you much good anyways, you would be better off running 2gb in dual channel mode than 4gb in single channel mode. Besides, I'm betting your running a 32bit OS which doesn't even recognize 4gb anyways.

    This will keep you up and running until you decide to upgrade your pc.

    Slap to face.
  8. it really baffles me how hard you're trying to come out on top -- you win geek, you win!
  9. khubani said:
    it really baffles me how hard you're trying to come out on top -- you win geek, you win!

    It really baffles me how some people ask for help, then find out they are doing something all wrong, then get mad at you for telling them they are doing something wrong. It's called immaturity.
  10. the way you explained it was plain rude, if someone's doing something wrong, do it properly; calling someone clueless isn't motivation for them to come back to a forum if this is the type of community support they'll be receiving. learn how to communicate effectively, in an non-insulting manner. if you want to continue this pointless bout, pm me.
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