Wd6402aaex is it raid 0 compatable

I recently purhased two WD 6402aaex 604gb sata6gb hard drives for my new build asus mobo p7p55d-e PRO. Wanted to raid 0 the hd's but hve seen alought of problems from others who have tried this. WD says maby it will work and maby not, (real un-helpful). Can anyone provide useful input? I have heard that for some it worked for a week or two then started dropping the drives constantly and for others it simply didn't work and caused the drives to be unusable. WD ckaims it is the firmware of some mobo's but I have heard it is the wd frimware. Hope some one has the real low down?
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  1. Oh ... It's a firmware issue, alright ... but not the mobo.

    Everybody else's are woikin fine.
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