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I burnt my 9800gt a month ago. I'm Buying a new case. CM690 is too costly for me. Please suggest Cheapest Case with 3-4 120mm Fan Slots. Also how many Fans do cards like GTX260 or HD5770 require. I will be going for an Equivalent Fermi card when it comes(GTS440 or GTS450).Also Please confirm whether RC310 has Front 120mm slot.(The specs say so, but cant see it in the pics)
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  1. Probably something with 2 120mm fans - 1 for intake and 1 for exhaust. The reference 260's don't get ultra hot so any mid-size or full case should do with good cable management. it will also depend on the 260 that you get. The reference design outputs heat from the rear through a 'closed' system but there are other vendors that may sell one with a localized cooling solution with larger heatsinks. These are usually cooler designs but in effect may heat up your case a bit more.
  2. Antec 900/1200 is always a good buy. The HD5770 would require about 1-2 fans; it's quite a cool card.
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