DDR3 1600 - 4 x 2GB or 2 x 8GB?

Hey everyone!
I have an Asus P9P67 Pro / i5-2500K system I'm putting together, and am torn between getting an 8GB kit or 2 4GB kits - DDR3 PC3-12800 (1600Mhz).

4GB Kit: http://www.patriotmemory.com/products/detailp.jsp?prodline=3&catid=34&prodgroupid=113&id=899&type=1

8GB Kit: http://www.patriotmemory.com/products/detailp.jsp?prodline=3&catid=34&prodgroupid=113&id=1051&type=1

The 4GB kit will set me back about US$70 ea. However, the 8GB kit comes up to almost $200! Weird, I know.
The idea is to get a 4GB kit now, and another 4GB kit in a month.

The only drawback I know of is losing out on all 4 memory slots. However, I don't see myself using more than 8GB...at least not for another year. I know these are not high performance kits, but it should suit my needs fine I think.

I live in Dubai, UAE - which would explain the higher costs. Buying from online US-only stores is not ideal. I've seen other brands around - Corsair Dominators, Patriot (G-Series, Sector 5), OCZ..but I reckon they are priced similar (or more in some cases) to the 8GB kit, and will be outside my budget.

Any advice I can get will be highly appreciated!
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  1. Buy 2x4GB DIMMs, not 4x2GB DIMMs. There are reports that 2 DIMMs have been more stable. Also ensure they are put in slots A2 & B2 as per the owners' manual.

    As for how much RAM....if you are running WIN 7 64-bit especially, you will benefit from 8GB. If not now, then later. Read this article so understand the situation:

  2. the problem of more RAM or faster RAM cones up here ..
    windows 32bit Wong be able to recognise more than 3.18 gigs ..
    win 7 home premium can use 16 gigs
    enterprise and ultimate can recognise 192 GB ..
    most games and software don't use more than 2-3 GB .. ..so ..I'd rather get 4GB of faster RAM ..lower timings (x-x-x-xx) and higher clockspeeds ..1600mhz and upwards ..but that's just me ..
    the timings represent how long the RAM sticks wait before sending the next packet of data ..7-9-7-24 ..means it waits for 7 clock cycles before sending the next packet ..
    so 2 kits of 2000 MHz ram ..with tidings of 5-7-5-24 and 9-9-9-24 would pretty much that the first kit would essentially be faster ..although RAM kits with those timings are rather expensive ..although I don't know how big a diff it makes ..I mean a timing of 5 means 5 parts of a billion ..so ..I guess even slightly larger timings wouldn't make a huge difference ..
  3. and the more slots the RAM takes up ..equals a larger interface ..it allows the easier transfer of greater amounts data ..more bandwidth .. correct me if wrong ..
  4. CraigHarrison said:
    and the more slots the RAM takes up ..equals a larger interface ..it allows the easier transfer of greater amounts data ..more bandwidth .. correct me if wrong ..

    That would mean, more slots used = better performance?

    I've never seen anyplace which actually says this - but for my sake, I hope you are right :)
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