Questions about what I should buy.

I have a build that I want to upgrade... I recently purchased a new mobo, cpu, and gpu, but now I'm thinking about a new build... my budget is ~1000.
Here's my current specs:
AMD Athlon 6400+ @3.4ghz
msi 790xt-g45 mobo
ATI HD 5770
4gb ddr2 ram @ 720 mhz
500gb hdd
500w power supply

I'm thinking of this (all starred * components are upgrades)

AMD Phenom II x6 1055t*
AMD 8 series mobo*
ATI HD 5850*
4gb ddr3 ram @ 1600 mhz*
500gb hdd
750w power supply*

Since my current mobo isn't ddr3 capable, and it's not a pure am3 mobo, i was thinking about another one... but i'm not quite sure... this was my other idea...
AMD Phenom II x6 1090t*
msi 790xt-g45
ATI HD 5870*
4gb ddr2 ram @ 720mhz
500gb hdd
600w power supply*

By not buying a new mobo and not getting new ram and a 750w psu, I planned on saving some money to spend on the 5870 and the 1090t... what are your opinions?
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  1. What are the advantages of the 955 over the 1055t? I'd think that the 1055t would have more power. The only difference is the speed, which is faster on the 955... but the 1055 has an extra meg of cache. And sorry, I forgot, but yes I'm gaming.
  2. as you want a new system or to upgrade this one, try selling your 5770 to get the money for a 5870, or maybe even try to fit a 5970, or just get another 5770 that would perform close to a 5870, and would be cheaper than getting a 5850 or 5870.(I'm just suggesting this because you already have a 5770, otherwise I would say go for the 5850)
    I agree with Timop if the pc is for gaming get the 955 instead.
    Get a new mobo, ram, psu to able to power a 5870 or 5850 or 5770 CF

    read that review and you're going to see why we suggested the 955 instead.
  4. @ dmcfc I've already got an offer on the 5770... either way it's gone. And you agree that the mobo needs an upgrade? is it for the same reasons I thought, not pure am3, no ddr3 etc? Also, will ram really affect framerates in games? I just thought it would affect loading times...
  5. Quote:
    The 1055T only has 1M more L2 cache because of the 2 extra cores.

    But the problem is modern games, even CPU intensive ones like GTA:IV only uses up to 4 threads, so the 1055t would actually be lower performing than the 955 because of the 400Mhz frequency deficit.

    This might change in the next couple of years, but remember Bulldozer is coming out next year on AM3 also, so sticking with the 955 is the most cost-efficient solution as of now.

  6. I just suggested new ram, because i suggested a new mobo, getting a new motherboard would have to be am3, so it would be ddr3 and you have ddr2 so you would have to buy new ram.
    The new motherboard is really not a need though.Just be sure yours have a BIOS update available to get those cpus...
  7. ok... thanks. I'm definitely not blowing $300 on an x6 when that's coming out... so what do you think... 5850 or 5870? or 5970 (if I can stretch my finances)?
  8. with any of those I bet you really would be happy, it really just depends on your budget, what resolution you're playing on, or if you are, or if your are going to use eyefinity.
  9. I don't plan on eyefinity... and I play at 1024x768 *sob* i'm getting a new monitor, that should be at ~1650x1080
  10. great. thanks. so the 5870 would be just too overkill?
  11. and sorry, i meant 1680 x 1050
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