Antec 902 which Screws to use

I've been looking around for some help due to the manual not really saying much on which one's to use. But can anyone just simply tell me which screws to use where? I've figured out the hex philips are for the PSU (being only 4 included) and which type of philips screw to use for the motherboard, which one's do I use for the HDD and Optical Drive?
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  1. Whichever ones fit basically... Different products come with different designs

    Most important though, if you're screwing on the motherboard to a case, make sure the motherboard circuits are not touching the case. There will usually be plastic pieces to set the motherboard on... or long looking screws to make a distance between the board and the case. Like a screw that goes into the case, and then has a slot for another screw within it, so you can set the board on top of one screw and be ready to screw another screw into that screw! Holy hell
  2. lol, yeah i've got some stand off srews already in place, just a number of screws (all different) fit the stand off screws. i'll go by whatever holds the components the best i think lol. Cheers!
  3. I use the hardware with the little washer like things for my drives.(I've got fat fingers and they're easier to grab hold of.)
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