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Total build newb, need advice on Motherboard for intel i7 2600k

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January 25, 2011 12:01:54 PM

So, I've always been a mac fanatic (even had a classic and a plus when I was younger, so it's NOT a recent apple fanboy thing - I just grew up with them!) as a result I've never really seriously considered building my own PC until now - for a variety of reasons!

I've been doing a lot of reading and plan to build my system in april/may after I get my bonus (I work at John Lewis - I'm not a banker or owt like that!). But I want a little advice on which MoBo to get.

I plan to get the Intel i7 2600k CPU, and have been reading reviews on various mobo's including Asus and Intel's P67 chipsets.

What would you guys go for?

Oh: bit more info, I want to get it going with 8GB memory and upgrade later, I'll mainly be gaming (STO, WoW amongst others) and plan to build it all in the NZXT phantom black case (which I've already started work on as I want green LEDs rather than Blue). GPU will be either the GTX 480 or 580, since the 580 won't provide much of an improvement on performance over the 480 at 1080p resolution.
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January 25, 2011 12:34:32 PM

The ASUS line up is where I went and glad I did so. I bought the P8P67 Pro but the Deluxe is also attractive (and more expensive). ASUS make very good boards and their new P67 Sandy Bridge line up has lots of innovative features, such as the mouse operated BIOS and great overclocking.

8Gb of RAM is what I went with (2x4GB DIMMs) and that will be saffice for a good long time. Be careful choosing your RAM. See other threads for info on this issue.

Your case & GPU are fine choices. Make sure you buy a good quality power supply unit, like a Corsair AX-750 or other Tier 1 PSU. Good power in, good stuff out! Besides you may wish to go for two GPU's someday and you'll need more power for that.

Search this and other sites for more input...there are lots of choices! Have fun.
January 26, 2011 5:26:39 AM

The Corsair HX series are the best in opinion for PSU, but the lastest lineup of Corsair is probably better. I have the HX650 and it can handle as many 5770s as my motherboard can handle, that and the Pro series wasn't available, is why i chose it.

For what I see, the HX850 would be more preferable and would suite enough for a second gpu, although the gold series is what you want, they will be more stable under complete stress and will not fail you, especially if averages in the gold!

The 750watt would be sufficient, I would make sure there is enough amps on the 12 rail to support any future upgrades.

Here is a link of the HX 850, a common standard used by many, I just dont know anything about the Pro series to recommend it.
Either way the Corsair is the way!

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January 26, 2011 12:24:08 PM

I'm going for the Cooler master silent pro gold 700W, after reading some reviews here on the site.

And i absolutely love the NZXT Phantom!

But i didn't want to go with the i7-2600k because it's too expensive for me (since you have a job, money won't be such a big problem, i guess) I'll go with i5-2500!

Good luck with the build!
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January 26, 2011 12:52:57 PM

Te CM Silent Pro is a very good was on my short list. It should serve you well for many years. I have never been disappointed with Cooler Master products...they rock! The NZXT Phantom is a cool looking case. You are smart to buy an save $100 and give up almost nothing. It scores almost equal to the 2600k in bench tests so you should not be disappointed with your results. Mine OC's in the mid 4GHZ range without any smokes! You should remember to add a Cooler Master Hyper212+ CPU cooler to your build because if you OC, you'll need it. They are cheap to buy and the most effective CPU cooler on the market at that price. Enjoy your new build! :ange: