Overclocking a dell with a program possible?

Hey guys

I was just wondering if there's a program out there that maybe I could use to overclock my I7 920 with on my Dell since I can't do it through the BIOS. Is it safe to do that? Is it even possible? Thanks guys.
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  1. You have to go into bios, why can't you?
    What options do you have in that bios?
    Which dell model is it exactly
  2. I don't have the computer on me as of yet, but I will receive it by next week I believe. The model is the XPS 9000, and I've read forums/threads stating that the BIOS doesn't allow you to change any settings for overclocking and that Dell's in general do not allow you to overclock.

    I've also read that the 920 is very OC friendly, so I just thought I would give it a try with a program if it was possible.
  3. nope, not possible with a program

    Note, I do believe the i7 950's are going on sale pretty soon (month or 2) for like $300. The motherboard isn't overclock friendly, but you can upgrade components
  4. [1] There is no overclocking "program" which will do the honours for you. The closest thing to that is the desktop overclocking utility which is found on many high end motherboards. But even that is not as efficient as BIOS overclocking. Nothing beats that.

    [2] Seeing as you are getting a pre-built system, there is 99% chance that you won't be able to do any overclocking due to:
    1) Crap motherboards
    2) The OEM builders themselves don't like users overclocking (since this might mean more claims under warranty due to faster wearing of parts), & so they provide you with a closed system which you cannot tinker with (& Dell is particularly hard-assed about this).
  5. get a new mobo for 50-100 bucks, and overclock to your hearts content.
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