Custom system not POSTing

Not sure if this is the right area, but here we go.

Friend of a friend donated his old (not half bad) custom computer to another friend, and I volunteered to clean it up. It worked for a couple months, but a week ago he called and said it wasn't booting. Took a look at it and it's not even booting to the live screen.

This is what I have done to try to remedy the situation:
Rearrange, replace, and completely remove the RAM - no beeps when removed
Replace the CPU, remove the CPU
Replace/remove the CPU fan
Replace/remove the Graphics Card (even tried it via HDMI with my TV)
Replace the Power Supply (original had a 20-pin motherboard plug to a 24-pin socket, new one doesn't)
Reset the CMOS jumper
Replace the CMOS battery

All of these had zero change in the symptoms.

What used to happen on boot was this: You turn it on, (loud) fan came on, beep, HDD spins up, you're off and running.
What happens now: Power on, (loud) fan turns on, NO beep, HDD spins up and seeks for a few seconds.
Note that the motherboard light is on when plugged in. Also, the Graphics Card fan is spinning. The DVD drive is also able to open and close freely, with the typical lights blinking at the appropriate times. Floppy also seems to work.

Sources online and my intuition suggest the Motherboard has gone out. And in all honesty, I thought the same and gave up for a week, only to give it another shot today. I cannot test this as I don't have a spare motherboard with the proper connections. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a shot tonight with an old one I have.

Note that I am unable to get specifics on the parts, everything I know comes from physically looking at the part and Googling any SNs

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard
AMD processor (Not sure really what else besides that, Probably a quad core)
ATI Radeon 3850 HD GPU
4x1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR PC3200 or DDR PC2700 (again, all my info comes from physically looking at it and Google)
NSpire NSP-450P4DL PSU (This only has a 20-pin connection, the Motherboard has a 24-pin socket)
DVD Drive (IDE)
Floppy Drive

What do you suggest?
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  1. Well then, thanks Forums. After taking an old Motherboard, graphics card from another computer I was fixing, and running the SATA HDD cable and case connections from the broken PC, I booted right up to Windows Repair Console. writing gave me ideas. Thanks ^^
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