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Below is a question I sent to Gigabyte about my new build, install of win7 64Bit. The mother board is a Gigabyte GM-889GA D2H, and the processor is Athalon II X3 3.2 Ghz RANA 450. I have 2 1 TB Hitachi HDs, and an Asus DVD-RW. 8 GB of DDR3 1333 Ram....2 sticks. The Case, though I suspect irrelevant to the problem, is as Coolermaster 690II Advanced, and a Zalman 500 watt PSU. Also a CM Hyper 212 plus CPU Cooler. decent system. It booted up the first time, but as you can see below, the Boot screens don't seem to match the actual SATA plug designations on the MB, and the second HD does not show up in my computer, though it does show up in the device manager. Weird. I haven't hooked it up to the internet yet.....I plan on ether-netting it to my Time Warner netgear Cable modem/router. That won't be any problem, will it? I'm already connected that way on it with the computer I'm using for this post. Just Plug and go with win7?

I did get my computer built, and installed Win7 professional. The installation went smooth,but there are unexpected problems. I have not gotten it connected to the internet yet, as I want to get it running right first, but there is a serious problem that I need to find out about. I did find out the bios is Award version F6. I have 2 Hitachi 1TB hard drives, "HDS721717CLA332 JP40A3EA is the BIOS read out on their numbers, and an Asus DVD-RW, DRW-24B1ST 1.04 Bios read out numbers on that one. The boot screen shows that the MB is seeing both of the drives, but not on the same channel as the plugs say on the MB. I have one HD plugged into the 0 plug, one into the 1 plug, the DVD in the 3 plug, and a front panel connector in the 4 plug, with nothing plugged into the front panel. On the boot screen, it says that both 0 channel master and slave have nothing on them, One HD is master on Channel 2, and Asus DVD is slave on channel 2, and other HD is Master on Channel 3 with nothing on slave channel 3. However, when windows boots, and I check My Computer, there is only one of the HD in the window, and the DVD RW. The other HD does not show. However, in the device manager, I can see both Hard Drives, and the Properties reports that both are working properly.......Can you help me with this? Also, Easytune6 does not seem to want to install from the drivers disk. I guess that I can download it when I get on line with the new computer, but have you had any reports of trouble with easy tune? The files seem to by installed, but when I click the icon, the program seems to just try to start, but fails.

If you have any idea what is happening, I sure like to hear.

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  1. 1 - the IDE-type (channel# - master/slave) are a 'compatibility remnant' (kind of like your appendix :pt1cable: ), and mean nothing to SATA configuration. Try the 'sticky', & scroll down to about the middle of the Sorting Out SATA topic...

    2 - much as I love GB's hardware design team, their utility software guys seem addled. I generally recommend not using any of it. EasyTune is a particularly sore point - you really want your overclock done in the BIOS, not by some half-baked POC in the OS. I do note that recent versions seem to be getting better, and might be useful for quick parameter testing prior to putting that OC into the BIOS, but, after that, I still recommend uninstalling it...
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