Add new partition to Raid 1 Volume

I have a Win2003 server with two hard drives mirrored in a Raid 1 configuration. The RAID controller is Intel Matrix Storage Console.

The original disks were 320GB. One failed recently so I have replaced them both with 1TB drives (the smallest disks I could buy!) using the advice in this thread:

All went well - but I am left with the two original partitions on the disk totalling 300GB - meaning that > 650GB is not being used.

The Intel raid controller shows the total size of the Array as 1862 GB (total of both drives) but the Volume as 298GB (space available to Windows)

How can I tell Windows/Raid to use the rest of the space?
There don't seem to be any options in the software that cover this. Specifically I'd like to add a third partition, the E: drive to the existing Cand D.

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  1. Thanks for the answer.
    Have you tried this - would it work on a Raid volume? there's no mention on the site you linked to.
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  3. I have not yet had a chance to try the partition software recommended above, but the forum wants to close this thread.... The client still has some space on the disks so I'm goint to let it rest until they need the space.
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