Asus P7P55D and Palit GTS 250 1GB..not working

new build computer.It was working for 2 days..than no bio post screen.. motherboard beep code" 1 long 3 short" and the led light stopped at i think is the video card has porblem..but i tried the video card on my sister computer its working fine, checked power supply its good ..can anyone help me..-_-..?

Asus P7p55d
palit gts 250 1gb
i5-750 2.66 ghz
apevia 600watt power supply
a-data gaming series 2gb ddr3 1600 x2
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  1. I believe that code is usually an indicator of an issue with the Video card Vram, as you have tested the card in a different PC and it works then it would indicate it was either not seated properly in the other board, try blowing the slot out before re seating it.
    It does depend on which bios you have though take a look here and see what it says for your Bios version.

  2. Considerign tthat the card is a Plait, I would think that it is the problem.

    But it's Palit, So you might not have warrenty left (Plait=Ultra short Warrenty), and even if you do, good luck redeeming it.

    If you need a new card, don't make the same mistake twice and buy Asus or Evga or another decent brand.
  3. i will try to put another display card on it..let see wat happen
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