After xp repair cant get in asks password

I am on my ole mac at the moment.
Today I could not boot XP so I got the installation disk & did a repair install. It started fine but It now asks for passwords that I never used. I tried F2 & got a supervisors password & changed the passwords for Admin,user1,user2 & user3 (or I thought I did) but they all tell me "the Specified domain either dose not exist or could not be contacted" The OS is XPpro SP3
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  1. If you can see a folder called windows.old, are you able to access the personal folders within that one, which were saved from the original installation? If not, you may need to take ownership of them.
  2. I Can't log in at all so I can't get to any folders.
  3. You need to pull the hard disk and slave it to another system, then take ownership of the files.
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