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Computer not booting

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July 16, 2010 10:42:10 AM

Hey everyone,

I killed my HTPC, well rather my BF's sister did, whatever.


AMD Athlon X2 5000+ BE (it's AM2, good golly)
4GB Corsair DDR2-667 (very old)
Gigabyte GA-785GM US2H
ATi Radeon HD 2600 pro

It's too old to run eyefinity, but I do use it for ATi surrondview. 3 monitors ftw!

It's not the first time I guess. Happened before, I just poked it a few times and it worked again.

I tested the GFX card, works perfectly in my other rig. I'm thinking BIOS problem right? I booted it with nothing to see if it ran with only the IGP (Gosh I <3 IGPs) but still no post.

I'm thinking now it might be RAM. I'll test that now.

Gosh it's been a hard week! Everything around me died. Two systems in one week! Just it wasn't my fault, it was the blame-bag's fault. :sarcastic: 


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July 16, 2010 11:11:57 AM

no beeps?
a b à CPUs
July 16, 2010 11:13:08 AM

Yes, startup beep you hear, then HD movement but then it loops.
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a c 133 à CPUs
July 16, 2010 11:38:21 AM

Could be bad RAM or bad hard drive I would try it with 1 stick of RAM try each separately. Considering the age of the system it could possibly be the hard drive so if you have an old spare around try it out and see what happens.
a b à CPUs
July 16, 2010 11:51:02 AM

Hmm, the HD is a fairly new Caviar Black 750GB. I tested the RAM, works fine on my other computer, I'll run memtest when it downloads.
a c 133 à CPUs
July 16, 2010 12:10:13 PM

I would still check hard drive too if all else test out good you know where you are at, either motherboard or PSU.
a b à CPUs
July 17, 2010 2:12:45 AM

It's really weird. It's working ok now, but I have no idea how long that'll last.
a c 123 à CPUs
July 17, 2010 2:17:14 AM

^Sometimes just reseating the memory/CPU or both will fix problems. At work I had two laptops that wouldn't turn on. Checked the adapter and it was getting the needed voltage.

One I just took the memory out and put in good used RAM. Then I tested each stick to see which one might be bad. Neither were. Put both back in and ran memtest 86+ with no errors for 2 days straight.

The other was a bit more complicated. Tried memory but no go. Then took the whole thing apart and reseated the CPU. Put it back together and viola. Booted and no memory errors.

Both were about 5 years old too.

As I said though., sometimes its simple things that fix it. I would still run Memtest 86+ and as well a HDD tester.
a b à CPUs
July 17, 2010 7:20:29 AM

What HDD tester should I use?
a c 133 à CPUs
July 17, 2010 11:29:19 AM

amdfangirl said:
What HDD tester should I use?

If you can connect it to another computer you can use HDTune to check its error codes and run some tests.
a b à CPUs
July 19, 2010 11:05:29 AM


thx all