Do all motherboards or cases come with SATA cables?

I just ordered the last parts for my build yesterday and realized that I cannot find my two extra SATA cables from my 2005 build. I do not recall purchasing any extra SATA cables before so I'm assuming that they came with my ASUS A8N-E 939. NewEgg's pictures of my new motherboard, the ASUS P7P55D-E, do not show any SATA cables. I am not sure if cases come with these cables, but the picture for my HAF 932 does not show any, either. My Samsung Spinpoint F3 also did not come with a SATA cable.

Should I be expecting to have all of the proper cables, including SATA cables, included with the purchase of all of my parts? Should I be buying any other types of cables/connectors?
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    Look at the last image from the Newegg site... It comes with the required SATA cables, so you won't need additional one unless you are running 3 or more SATA drives.
  2. Thanks.

    I am used to seeing red SATA cables so I must have overlooked them.
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