Upgrade Video from HD3200 with 250W power.

I have an Acer AM3203 (cheap desktop) with builtin HD3200 graphics and 250W power supply. Runing a 23' wide screen monitor at 1920*1080. What would be a good video upgrade without upgrading the power supply (best video card without upgrading power supply)?

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  1. For that resolution, you have almost no choices without a PSU upgrade..
  2. I can run fallout3 but turn all the video options down to min and its still choppy. I figgered there had to be something out there thats an upgrade from HD3200 without a power supply. Its a low end machine and wanted to avoid a power supply upgrade as thats adds another $50 to it. I can get cheep GT220 for about $50 but not sure if that would overload the 250W power supply
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    If that's your budget limit then i don't have much to say.. But instead of a GT220 ( which is much suited for building HTPC ), you may be able to get a 9600GT or a radeon HD 4670..
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