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Help with transfering data from 128gb SSD to a new 2tb hard drive???

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June 23, 2012 12:28:43 PM


I just finished up my first gaming rig and I started with a 128gb SSD.

After a couple of weeks my ssd is full and I only have 4 gb of storage left.

I just bought a S.B. 2tb hard drive. I want to use "smart response" technology.

These are my noob questions???

1) What should I keep on my ssd? Just windows ? Windows and the video game(s) that i play most?

2) Can i erase my whole ssd; install the new 2tb hard drive and start over with Just windows on ssd?

3) Should i just install the 2tb hard drive and leave whatever is on the ssd on there?

4) Can i transfer everything thats on the 128gb ssd to the 2tb hard drive then only transfer windows back to the ssd????

4) I know this seems like a dumb question and obviously the less data the faster/better performance but......

6) Does an ssd perform equal/slower/faster if there is only 1 program on? As opposed to 4 or 5 programs?
(is it true an ssd has data "ready to go"; as opposed to a hard drive that has to search for data)

In other words Am I going to see a major difference between 1) a 128gb ssd with only windows
2) a full 128gb ssd with windows and other programs and games (115gb out of 128gb)

7) I have a AsRocK z68 extreme 3 gen3 with a i5 Ivy bridge 3570k. I already ran into a hassle because I had to have a friend flash my bios in order to get the ivy bridge to work my MoBo!!!!

Is there any way i can mess up my mobo/cpu and it's the current bios settings if I erasing everything on the ssd and start over????

8) Is it easy to transfer from ssd to hard-drive or vice versa?

Thank You for your time and any advice or ideas on this subject!!!!

AsRock z68 Extreme3 Gen3
i5 3570k (Ivy Bridge)
1 Sapphire hd7850 O.C.
128gb Crucial m4 SSD (115gb used)
Seagate Barr 2tb hard drive ST2000DM001 ***new unopened***
NZXT 700w modular psu
LG-DVD/cd-rom/DL burner
Win 7 (64 bit)
Cooler Master Elite 430 w/ hyper 212
Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW monitor

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June 23, 2012 12:53:26 PM

Keep all the programs you can on the SSD

Move all other data to HDD

Recover some space on the SSD by disabling the hibernating service. You should recover whatever your RAM size is on the SSD.

If you have 8-16 GB RAM consider reducing the size of your page file. That will recover some space.

You wont mess up the BIOS if you wipe the SSD and start again. Make sure the BIOS SATA settings are set to AHCI before install.

It doesn't make any difference if you have one program or many on the SSD. However it is good to leave some space on them like any drive.

June 23, 2012 12:56:23 PM

with the new hard drive is going to be easy to move your personal files (ie music and movies and photos).
all you need to do on the new drive is make a folder called (my music or dave's music) then open on the ssd the music folder there and just highlight all the music and click cut then go to the music folder on the new drive and hit paste. windows itself will move the files for you. have to uninstall them first the ones you want to move to the new drive then install then using custom install so that they install to D:\ not to C:\.
a clean wipe of the ssd is not going to speed it up. what it make you do is have to reload windows...then all the mb drivers again then anti virus...all your games from stream or the cd again...unless there a virus or windows is damaged you dont have to do that with the new drive and the ssd. the only thing i would do is once you cleaned up the ssd let it do it garbage collection or use the ssd tools to do it.
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June 25, 2012 5:23:58 PM

Thank You for your help!
June 25, 2012 11:12:47 PM

Using SRT on an SSD that size is just pointless btw.
June 26, 2012 8:18:23 AM

Why is a 120gb ssd pointless?

What do you recommend POPatim?

Is a 60gb ssd with a 2tb hdd better than a 128gb ssd with a 2tb hdd?

My plan is 60gb ssd (boot disk) ; 128gb ssd (games) ; 2tb HDD for rest

Can I do that? Can my asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 use 3 different hard drives via sata