Triple Channel or more memory?

Hello all, i don't know much about memory. I have in my self built system, 6GB of DDR3 in Triple channel configuration. I'm interested in increasing to 8 or 10 GB but know I will lose triple channel and will be dual channel. I'm not sure if triple channel is better or having the extra memory is better. Any advice? Thanks everyone!
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  1. It depends on the use! 6GB in triple channel is faster in gaming and normal use than 8GB in Dual channel (10GB would be single with 5 sticks). Only if using the computer for heavy rendering, 3d modeling or anything where big file conversion take up a lot of memory would it benefit from the additional ram.
    Optimal upgrade would be add another 6 GB and end with 12 GB in triple channel.
  2. Thanks rolli, you make perfect sense. I'd love to move to 12GB....unfortunately my motherboard can only do 3 slots in triple channel mode (probably the norm), so i'd have to do away with the 6GB kit i got(3X2048MB) and go with a 12GB (3X4096MB), if this was an older build i'd do it, but i just built it in august and it'd be money down the drain for the 6 gig kit. Thanks though, i have piece of mind that i'm good to stick with what i already have.
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