Verifying DMI Pool Data Hang/Freeze

My Harddrive won't boot anymore, that's what it looks like, i recently upgraded from Windows 7 32 bit To 64, i was Dual Booting Hackintosh with it, after upgrade to x64, i realized the installation had corrupted my Mac partition, but i had a backup, and used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy my Mac OS back on to the partition( Windows and Mac are on different partitions on the drive) everything went fine, and i decided to install the Mac Bootloader Chameleon, installed, i rebooted, now it hangs at Verifying PMI Pool Data, and i can only boot into my Harddrive OS's by inserting the hackintosh installation disc :[, Please help me, some of the things i think could be the problem are:

- In my BIOS IDE Channel 0 Master is my CD/DVD drive, is it suppose to be like that? And My HDD is IDE Chanel 0 Slave... is it the wrong setting? And i can't change it to Master it has no such option :[

- Disk Utility verifies my Mac partition as corrupt, could that also be the problem?

- If it's my Mac partition that's corrupt? How do i set back my previous Windows bootloader instead of Chameleon?

- And i was told upgrading to 64-bit allocates all 4GB RAM, but it doesn't ;/ it's well and still 3.25 Usable :[

Please help me :/
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  1. as long as the main drive is on ide0 it should be fine. try using a fix master boot record to see if the master boot record is damaged. hirmm boot cd.
    has seatool and other tools to test your hard drive to see if it ok.
    i would look into seeing of your mb bios can boot from any hard drive and pick up a small hd for the mac os and put it on the other drive by itself.
  2. I believe the MBR is damaged because i'm no longer using it, and i'm using a foreign OS mbr, i've tested the S.M.A.R.T status of the drive and it doen't seem to detect that anything is wrong with it :[
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