Can an x16 Card's Connectors be Modded to Work in a x1/x4 Slot?

So I was on OCN, perusing as usual and I saw this guy who supposedly took an x16 Nvidia 9600GT card, Dremeled off a portion of the gold connectors on the bottom so that it would fit in an PCI-E x4 and got it to work as a PhysX card along side his Crossfired HD5850s.

I thought to myself...I have an x1 slot available like just about everyone else in the world, can I do the same thing?

So I was wondering if I could get a super cheap card (512MB 9500GT) shave off the connectors up until the PCI x1 part and then install it on my board and have it work?

The chance I will actually ever do this is very slim but just wondering if it is possible and if it would be worth it to anyone interested.
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  1. Yes it is possible. All you have to do is count how many of the pins need to go in the slot and then cut a slot in the right place to fit over the plastic at the end of the slot.
  2. Yeah, as Datman said I'd recommend opening the back of the port rather than modifying the card.
  3. I'd do that as well. I've heard of people using a dremel on the slot. Just remove the back of the slot. The card should then fit in place. I've heard this works, never done it myself.
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