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Ok guys i want to upgrade my computer as of right now. I keep getting random shut downs during games and etc

ok im currently running q6600 2.4ghz dual core, 2 gig's of ballistix ddr 2 800mhz, western digital 250gb, and a cool max 650 watt psu, and a evga 512mb 8600gts all tied together with a p5n32 e sli and a antec 900 case.

i started random rebooting when my old thermilake power supply 430watt took a sh*t on me and then it went down hill, i ran memtest nothing wrong, even out of sleep mode my video drivers time out and i blue screen. Please forum help me enjoy my computer im getting sick of this, im willing to put some money into my computer
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  1. would you rather fix it at the cost of rolling up your sleeves ?

    Could you dedicate two hours of (actual) troubleshooting ... willing to strip it down and do some testing?

    ... good news? ... we will get it running at no cost, or the cost of a single component.

    = Al =
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