Sapphire HD 4870 1 Gb PCi-e

I have a custom build with the following specs:

*Gigabyte EP45-D3P mobo
*9 Mb ram
*Intel Q9550 Core2 Quad 2.85 processor
*WD 1 Tb harddrive
*WD 750 GB harddrive
*Kingwin Mach 1 800w modular ps
*HT|Omega Striker 7.1 soundcard
*Windows 7 Professional 64-bit o/s on 1TB hd

Just added 750GB hd to system for dual boot system with XP Pro 32-bit o/s (needed XP for older cad program). Everything worked great until I added drivers for video card in XP. Will not boot into XP, just goes to black screen and machine shuts off. Have tried every driver ATI and Sapphire has, but get same results. I have to boot up in safe mode and remove video drivers and system will boot into XP with generic driver. Windows 7 works fine with Sapphire drivers. Any idea on what could possibly cause conflict?
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  1. Try the master Driver from They have the most current drivers that all the Video Cards run off of. You should see the Driver Download Menu on the homepage. Just find your model and download the drivers. Hope that works. If not, you may want to reset your BIOS Memory. Look in your motherboard manual for how to Reset The CMOS Jumper Pins.

    Also, how do you have your 9GB of RAM set in there? How many lanes do you have? The only reason I ask is becasue that is an odd amount to have, and I don't see how you have them paired right, unless you have 3 single lanes of 3GB sticks. As far as I know, they don't make 3GB sticks of RAM.
  2. Sorry about the typo, I have 8 megs of ram, 4 lanes of 2. I'll give the master driver a shot from ATI and see if that works. The thing that has me confused is everything works fine with the card when I boot up Win7, but will not boot when I go to XP. I have the latest bios from Gigabyte so that does't appear to be the problem. Appreciate the help. I'll let you know if it works.

  3. I hope you don't mean megs of RAM. I think that was the amount of RAM the original Intel Pentiums used right? You have 8 gigabytes of RAM.
  4. Yes it is 8 gigs. I haven't had time to try the new drivers.
  5. Quote:


    that's just a typo.

    It would be nice if you correcting it instead of laughing...
  6. wa1 said:
    that's just a typo.

    It would be nice if you correcting it instead of laughing...

    Haha, yeah you have to be at a certain maturity to correct someone rather than laughing *cough*.
  7. that is an odd problem. Hopefully once you get the XP drivers from ATI's site it will take care of it. If that doesn't do it, I would probably try a fresh format and install of XP.
  8. One situation that happens is what version of xp32 bit is it? I've always noticed little differences with different install cd/dvd's even within the same generation. There will be xp32 sp1, sp2, even sp3 . Maybe the original has a slight hiccup with some hardware that was cleaned up in a service pack. Could possibly try installing the latest sp pack before updating the driver.
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