Pleas help!!!!

Help!!! This is my first build and I am now stumped. I know its probably something stupid and simple I sure hope to get some good advice. Here is what I have:
cooler master cm690 chassis
asus p5n-d motherboard
intel core 2 quad processor
geforce 9500 gt pci-e 2.0 graphics card
ultra lsp 750 watt atx power supply
nvidia sli ready pc2 6400 2 gb ddr2 ram x2 sticks

I followed step by step instructions, I read everything, multiple times. And still when I try to start up everything runs, all the fans and drives. The green led light comes on, but nothing on the monitor and no beeps???? I love this stuff and tempted this on my own with no family or friend whom have any knowledge of computers. I am learning a lot from it , but its scary after spending this kind of money!!! Please help!!!!
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  1. uhm ... This is not one of those cases where the CPU needs to have the integrated graphics, on board, is it ???

    I mean ... many socket 1156 boards come with video ports on the mobo ... BUT ... the mobo does not have the integrated grphics engine on it ... The design is intended that the CPU actually outputs the display signal (to the mobo) ....

    .... As it goes ... If you put a socket 1156 chip which is NOT a IGP model into a mobo that has video ports ... nothing happens.

    ... I am not familiar with the core2 quad, but this is the case with the Core-i5 series.

    = ? =
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