Upgrade to E8400 or i3?

Hi im currently having a E5200 and its just too slow for my needs, it barely keeps up with my 4850 and i notice a huge jump in performance by overclocking, but its still not enough, i will be buying a 5870 aswell but ill probobly not get the full performance.

and so i found the legendary e8400 which is still on the stores over here even tho intel stopped making them, it also used to be the ultimate gaming cpu
then i found the new core i3 which would cost me nearly twise as much to upgrade to cuz of motherboard, ram.

i was wondering : which one i should upgrade to? will it be worth it?

there r only q8200's and e7500's and e5400's and the e8400's left where i live thats in stores for socket 775,

thanks in advance
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    q8200 will be best.if your mobo supports.
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