Abit nf7 motherboard

anyone have this motherboard and would be willing to help me with mine!!
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  1. I recently upgraded my ram from going from 768 to 2 gigs, im using pc 2700 1gig ram totall of 2 gigs!!

    My problems is whenever i install the new ram my computer becomes unstable and locks up and restarts randomly!! When i put back in the 768 megs of ram the computer is stable as can be!! The memory isn't bad i tested it on my dads comp worked fine for him!!

    I went to abit website to download drivers but there same drivers as my installation cd!! If anyone know where to get new drivers info would be appreciatted!!

    If any other users with this motherboard has any useful knoledge to share with me would help out alot!!
  2. Abit forum and know one knows or has had this problem?
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