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my parents' computer has been used for over 4 years and I convinced them to finally get a new one. I volunteered to build them one for about $500 or less. Since I've never built a computer before, I thought this could be a fun experience. They only use the computer for daily computing, but of course the faster the better. I dunno what parts I can reuse from the old dirty PC... maybe the 1GB of RAM? XD

Purchase Date: In a few weeks or a couple of months

Budget: less than $500

System usage: surfing, low end programs, media, games

Parts not required: keyboard, mouse, OS, monitor is needed

Preferred website: Newegg

Additional comments: my parents have always complained about the noise the HDD makes, but that's a really old drive, I trust most modern HDDs are probably not loud at all. The current computer has a 300GB drive and it's not even full yet, so I think a 500GB drive should be enough.

I can answer any additional questions,

thanks in advanced. :D
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  1. When you're talking gaming, what kind of gaming? Flash games, etc? Or high end type gaming?

    You also able to salvage anything from that last computer? Maybe the ODD perhaps?
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    Well here is a config...
    If you want a Dual-Core
    X2 245 + ASUS 785G

    But for just $10 more, you get a very good Tri-core...
    X3 + 785G

    RAM - IMO 2GB would suffice...Anyways you can add 2GB more if you want later on...
    Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

    HDD - Yes these drives are pretty quiet compared to the older one...
    Samsung F3 500GB

    PSU - Never skimp on PSU quality...
    Corsair 400CX....would last for a very long time...

    CASE -
    Cheap decent quality case..
    case fans - buy atleast 1 as the case doesnt have any...

    Sony Optiarc

    Monitors -

    Total - ~$484 for the Tri-Core + the Acer monitor...
  3. ^^Dint refresh...Seems like the builds here are pretty similar...
    So stick with any of the build along these lines...
  4. yeah no high end games, the onboard video cards should be enough.

    thanks for the great answers guys :)
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