PSU to support GTX 460

I am looking into a system with an i5 750 core and a GTX 460 (768 MB version). The PSU I'm interested in is the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W. My concern is the amperage - unlike the more expensive Corsair 650W, the OCZ pushes 25A down each of two 12V rails. Will this amperage be sufficient for my graphics card needs? I do not intend to SLI this card ever.
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    that PSU is more than enough to handle the GTX 460 with no problems at all. that's 50 total amps on the 12v rail(s). While a single 12v rail may be better than 2 12v rails, it usually makes no difference when it comes to quality-ish PSU's and that OCZ is semi-decent..
  2. Thanks!
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  4. Yes, it will be sufficient.
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